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Automatic Transmission Fluid

Schaeffer Dexron VI/Mercon (1 Qt.)
Automatic Transmission Fluid

Item Number: 0205A
$19.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer Dexron VI/Mercon is a carefully blended, full-synthetic, multi-vehicle, automatic transmission fluid recommended for use in General Motors and Ford vehicles that specify the use of Dexron VI and MERCON LV fluids respectively. A low viscosity automatic transmission fluid, Dexron is formulated from a blend of synthetic base fluids and a carefully balanced multi-functional additive system. This superior combination provides exceptional performance benefits including a highly shear stable viscosity improver, friction durability, protection against shudder and excellent anti-wear protection for clutches, gears and hydraulic pumps.

Schaeffer Dexron IV/Mercon LV SDS

Schaeffer Dexron IV/Mercon LV TDS

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