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Schaeffer Supreme 7000 (1 qt ) Synthetic Plus Racing Oil 10W-30

Item Number: 0709-12
$15.79Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer 7000 10W-30 racing oil is a high quality engine oil formulated with extra zink to reduce wear on high end motors. Schaeffer 10W-30 Racing oil contains Schaeffers Micro Moly and Pentro additives to reduce friction on metal to metal contact.

Performance Benefits:
Extra protection for when engines are operating at higher temperatures.
Rapid circulation and excellent pump-ability.
Extra zinc to protect flat tappet cam engines and other components from wear.
Excellent high temperature, high shear performance.
Reduced oil ageing for increased drain intervals.
Substantially reduced oil consumption.
Compatibility with all types of seals.

Formulated for high performance gasoline engines.

Schaeffer 709 Tech Data Sheet

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