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Schaeffer Supreme 7000 (1 qt ) Synthetic Plus Racing Oil 10W-30

Item Number: 0709-12
$14.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer 7000 10W-30 racing oil is a high quality engine oil formulated with extra zink to reduce wear on high end motors. Schaeffer 10W-30 Racing oil contains Schaeffers Micro Moly and Pentro additives to reduce friction on metal to metal contact.

Performance Benefits:
ユ Extra protection for when engines are operating at higher temperatures.
ユ Rapid circulation and excellent pump-ability.
ユ Extra zinc to protect flat tappet cam engines and other components from wear.
ユ Excellent high temperature, high shear performance.
ユ Reduced oil ageing for increased drain intervals.
ユ Substantially reduced oil consumption.
ユ Compatibility with all types of seals.

Formulated for high performance gasoline engines.

Schaeffer 709 Tech Data Sheet

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