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Full Synthetic (Quart)

Schaeffer 2-Cycle Racing Oil
Full Synthetic (Quart)

Item Number: 9006-012
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Schaeffer 2-Cycle Racing Oil is a full-synthetic, high-performance, engine oil recommended for use with outboards, motorcycles, personal water craft, snowmobiles, ATV's and jet boats. Formulated with two frictional modifiers (Micron Moly and Schaeffer's Penetro), this ashless racing oil also reduces smoke emissions, provides excellent wear, lubricity and corrosion protection while preventing exhaust port blocking. Recommended for carbureted, electronic fuel injected and direct injection 2-cycle engines, Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil boasts increased engine life and reduced maintenance cost benefits.

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Schaeffer 2-Cycle Racing Oil SDS

Schaeffer 2-Cycle Racing Oil TDS

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