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Synthetic Plus XP (1 Qt)

Schaeffer 240 V-Twin Primary Lube
Synthetic Plus XP (1 Qt)

Item Number: 0240-12
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Schaeffer 240 Extreme Performance V-Twin Lube is specially designed for use in Harley-Davidson primary systems including the primary chain case of Big Twin Models and in the wet and primary/transmission common sumps found in Harley Davidson Sportster models with wet clutches sharing the same sump as the transmission gears. Blended from the finest PAO synthetic base fluids and pure paraffin base oils, Schaeffer Extreme Performance V-Twin Primary Lube penetrates into the chain rollers to loosen stiff links and extend chain sprocket life. Boasting excellent film strength, thermal and oxidation stability, as well as thermal degradation and lower volatility characteristics, Schaeffer 240 can be used in chain cases equipped with original, modified or aftermarket high performance clutch assemblies.

*Not recommended for use on combined engine/transmission sumps.

Schaeffer 240 SDS

Schaeffer 240 TDS

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