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Green Waterproof Grease (NLGI #2)

Schaeffer 219 SynForce Green
Green Waterproof Grease (NLGI #2)

Item Number: 02192-029
$10.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer 219 SynForce Green Waterproof Grease (NLGI 2) is designed to withstand the demands of extreme and intense working environments. Specifically formulated for use in all types of heavy-duty automotive, marine, construction, mining, farming and industrial equipment, SynForce Green shields metal surfaces from wear during periods of tremendous pressure, increased heat and high shock loads. Made with next generation Schaeffer technology, this aluminum complex base grease is fortified with synthesized moly for an extra layer of protection, significantly reducing wear and contact area temperature, while outperforming calcium sulfonate and calcium sulfonate complex bases greases. SynForce 219 has an operating temperature range of -10° F to 350 ° F and may also be used in wheel bearings, including passenger car automotive wheel bearings and electric motor bearings.

* Delivers Exceptional Four Ball E.P. Weld Point > 800 kgs performance!

Size: 14 oz. Cartridge

Schaeffer 219 SynForce Green SDS

Schaeffer 219 SynForce Green TDS

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