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Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Schaeffer 9000 SAE 5W-40 (Gallon)
Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil

Item Number: 9000-006
$47.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer 9000 SAE 5W-40 is a full synthetic diesel engine oil formulated to help protect your motor against soot overloading and high temperature deposit formation while also providing for extended drain capability and improved fuel economy benefits. In addition to it's synthetic base stocks, Supreme 9000 contains a heavy-duty diesel additive technology that offers exceptional wear and deposit control protection, defense against acidic corrosion of vital components and enhanced detergency to support high temperature piston cleanliness. Furthermore, Schaeffer 9000 5W-40 offers two proven frictional modifiers that, once plated, provide a long lasting lubricant film which prevents metal-to-metal contact and damaging frictional wear.

Exceeds the current requirements for API CJ-4 and is versatile for use in 2007 and newer emission compliant engines utilizing heavy EGR and exhaust after-treatment devices.

Supreme 9000 SAE 5W-40 SDS

Supreme 9000 SAE 5W-40 TDS

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