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15W-40 Synthetic Plus Diesel Oil

Schaeffer Supreme 7000 (Quart)

15W-40 Synthetic Plus Diesel Oil

Item Number: 0700-012
$12.49Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed with exceptional soot handling capabilities, oxidation resistance and extended wear protection. Schaeffer's 15W-40 motor oil is formulated to withstand a heat range of up to 250 degrees more than commercial grade oils and delivers up to 5% fuel savings. Supreme 7000 reduces friction and protects against the damaging effects of metal-to-metal contact. For an exceptionally clean engine that is free from oil residue and sludge, use Schaeffer Supreme 7000!

Supreme 7000 15W-40 SDS

Supreme 7000 15W-40 TDS

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