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75W-90 Synthetic

Schaeffer Gear Oil (40 Lb. Pail)
75W-90 Synthetic

Item Number: 0741-5
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Schaeffer Gear Oil is a thermally stable, heavy-duty, extreme pressure lubricant engineered for use in all automotive gear drives. This multi-purpose synthetic gear lubricant is formulated with the finest quality base fluids available to provide excellent low temperature properties, extended oil drain intervals, superior resistance to oxidation and a high viscosity index. Blended into these base fluids is a non-corrosive multi-functional additive package that provides the Synthetic Lube EP/EA Gear Lubricants with anti-wear properties to protect gears and bearings, under a wide variety of operating conditions, from excessive wear, premature bearing and gear fatigue, spalling, pitting and scoring.

Schaeffer 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil SDS

Schaeffer 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil TDS

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