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Silaprene Sealants

Royal Adhesives and Sealants is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-performance Silaprene sealants, adhesives and caulks. This solvent-based product line includes over 200 offerings for bonding, adhering or sealing almost any substrate in the most demanding applications. Silaprene's base polymer chemistry consists of a blend of neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, urethane, kraton and custom or specialty polymers which have been used to develop a diverse selection of product and packaging alternatives. Silaprene Adhesives provide strong tack and quick-strength buildup with flexible bonds that resist heat, cold and water. Choose from our Silaprene M6325, Silaprene SolidSeal and Silaprene All-Weather Adhesives! HAPs Free, Low VOC and Cal Compliant, Silaprene Sealants are the product of choice in the transportation, marine, foam fabrication, general assembly, HVAC and RV industry.