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Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Additive

Schaeffer Diesel Treat 2000 (1 Gal)
Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel Additive

Item Number: 137ND-004
$69.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer Diesel Treat 2000 is an all-season, multi-functional, fuel additive engineered to fight fuel deposits, reduce emmissions, increase lubricity protection and improve cetane numbers. Formulated for use with all types of diesel fuel, this diesel fuel additive cleans injectors, controls moisture and inhibits corrosion while improving fuel economy up to 5%. Increasing cetane allows for easier cold weather starts, faster warm-ups and improved combustion. Diesel Treat 2000 burns completely ashless and contains no metallics or agents found harmful in engines. One of the first of it's kind, Diesel Treat 2000 is formulated with "Synshield" a lubricity additive that does not contain sulfur or sulfur containing compounds, thus exceeding EPA standards.

1 Gallon treat 2,000 Gallons

137 Diesel Treat 2000 SDS

137 Diesel Treat 2000 TDS