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BAND-IT Stainless Steel Buckles

BAND-IT offers a variety of stainless steel buckle options to meet your diverse needs. BAND-It Ear-Lockt Buckles can be used with many types of BAND-IT stainless steel banding providing superior fastening strength. Ideal for standard duty applications including hose assemblies, cable bundling and general fastening, the 201 Stainless Steel Buckle offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents. However, for superior fastening strength and corrosion resistance, try the 316 Stainless Steel Ear-Lokt Buckle, BAND-IT's highest grade of stainless, which is commonly utilized in general use banding applications for marine splash zones. For those in need of a less permanent fix, the Scru-Lokt 301 Buckle is recommended for applications where an adjustable or temporary clamp is required. The Scru-Lokt Style Buckle can be retensioned at any time and also offers moderate resistance to rust and oxidation in general use banding applications. All BAND-IT buckles are manufactured to hold a single or double wrapped band configuration and can be formed over any contour or shape. Apply buckles on BAND-IT band with the C00169, C00369 or C07569 BAND-IT tools.