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Broad Spectrum Biocide (16 oz.)

Schaeffer 285 Fuel Shock
Broad Spectrum Biocide (16 oz.)

Item Number: 0285
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Schaeffer 285 Fuel Shock is used to prevent and control bacterial and fungal growth that can occur in diesel fuels, biodiesel fuels and home heating oils which are often stored in conditions that can lead to contact with water. Under these conditions, the growth of micro-organisms can occur and, when left uncontrolled, can produce dense masses that are capable of clogging filters, pumps and fuel lines. Fuel Shock 285 effectively kills these microbes so that they they can be removed from the system safely and efficiently. In addition, this broad spectrum biocide prevents corrosion caused by microbial contamination and is EPA certified.

Schaeffer 285 Fuel Shock SDS

Schaeffer 285 Fuel Shock TDS

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