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All Season Diesel Fuel Additive

Schaeffer SoyShield (1 Pint)
All Season Diesel Fuel Additive

Item Number: 0139A-042S
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Schaeffer SoyShield is an, All Season, Diesel Fuel Additive engineered for use in all types of diesel, especially low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel fuels. SoyShield All Season is comprised of methyl soyate bio-diesel derived from soybeans and a highly concentrated multi-functional additive package. This unique blend, not only, supports the use of a renewable farmer-supplied fuel source, but helps clean and maintain engine performance, as proven by the Peugeot DW-10 Injector Test. When used, as suggested, Schaeffer's SoyShield also fosters faster warm-up, increased fuel lubricity, reduced emissions, excellent anti-wear protection and up to 5% improvement in horsepower. Additionally, SoyShield All Season lowers the gelling point of diesel fuel an average of 10-25 degrees Fahrenheit when added prior to diesel fuel reaching its cloud point. SoyShield is an environmentally responsible way to boost diesel engine performance, support clean air, and encourage the growth of agri-fuels from U.S. farms.

Treatment Ratio:

One gallon of SoyShield All Season to every 500 gallons of diesel fuel.

One, 16-ounce, can of SoyShield All Season to every 50 gallons of diesel fuel

Schaeffer SoyShield All Season SDS

Schaeffer SoyShield All Season TDS