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Chisel Paste (14 oz.)

Schaeffer Synforce Strike #216
Chisel Paste (14 oz.)

Item Number: 0216
$16.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer #216 SynForce Strike Chisel Paste is an anti-wear aluminum complex grease specifically formulated for use in hydraulic hammer, breaker and chisel applications. This extreme temperature and high pressure grease is intended to extend the life of the hydraulic tools' critical components by protecting them from harsh environments encountered during construction and infrastructure applications. As a result of this protection, the tool and bushings will not weld together inside the housing. Waterproof, with both cohesive and adhesive properties to prevent wash out, splatter, or squeeze, Schaeffer SynForce Strike has an operating temperature range of 0 F to 350F with solid lubricants to provide protection above 350F.

NOT RECOMMENDED for electric motors, wheel bearings, or other rolling element bearings
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