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(1 Quart)

Schaeffer Diesel Hotline #284
(1 Quart)

Item Number: D-284-1Q
$17.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer Diesel Hotline #284 is a cold weather, emergency fuel treatment formulated to dissolve gelled diesel fuel back into solution and return the flow in approximately 20 minutes. Comprised of a unique blend of organic compounds, Diesel Hotline dissolves ice and wax formations, de-ices frozen fuel filters and will not harm fuel pumps, injector nozzles or any pre-combustion equipment. Compatible with all types of diesel fuels, this alcohol and methanol free fuel additive is sure to get your fuel flowing again.

Treatment Ratio: One quart of #284 Diesel Hotline treats up to 50 gallons of diesel fuel.

Schaeffer Diesel Hotline SDS

Schaeffer Diesel Hotline TDS