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Hi-Temp Grease With Copper

Schaeffer #286C (14 oz.)
Hi-Temp Grease With Copper

Item Number: 286C
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Schaeffer High Temperature Grease With Copper is an extreme pressure grease that is engineered for industrial bearing applications where extremely high temperatures are encountered. Formulated from a blend of polyethylene glycol synthetic base fluids and silica gel thickener, Hi-Temp Grease With Copper also contains a proprietary high temperature anti-wear extreme pressure additive, molybdenum disulfide, graphite and copper flake. At temperatures of 600° F or higher, Schaeffer's High Temperature Grease will gradually soften in consistency without the drippage of synthetic base fluids in order to carry and spread the molybdenum disulfide, graphite and copper flake into bearing clearances and onto bearing surfaces. As temperatures continue to rise, the synthetic base fluids begin to volatilize cleanly without leaving any residues, varnishes, gums or carbon deposits on bearing surfaces. This process leaves behind a solid lubricant film that has the ability to plate itself to metal surfaces, providing long-lasting lubrication in temperatures of up to 1200° F and high pressure applications in excess of 500,000 psi. Schaeffer Hi Temp Grease With Copper also boasts excellent rust and oxidation characteristics, water resistance, mechanical stability and adhesive properties that prevent the grease from washing out, pounding out, splattering or being squeezed out even under the heaviest loads and vibrations. Applications include kiln car wheels, furnace table bearings, coke oven door latches, stack valves, charging cars, pallet wheels, soaking door pits, cement mill clinker dryers and more.

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