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75W-90 Parasynthetic (1 Quart)

Schaeffer Supreme Gear Lube #293
75W-90 Parasynthetic (1 Quart)

Item Number: 2937590-012S
$17.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer Supreme Gear Lube is a thermally stable and durable parasynthetic gear lubricant recommended for use in industrial and automotive gear drives where extreme pressure characteristics are needed. Higher operating temperatures in today's manufacturing environments have resulted in today's gear lubricants being subjected to extreme thermal stress. Gear lubricants that do not possess thermal stability and durability characteristics are subject to rapid oxidation and decomposition when exposed to high temperatures. Schaeffer Gear Lube's parasynthetic base fluids and thermally durable, non-corrosive, extreme pressure additive package enable it to resist oxidation and thermal stress at operating temperatures 150F to 175F higher than conventional gear lubricants. In addition, Schaeffer's Supreme Gear Lubricant totes excellent seal compatibility, water, moisture and foam resistance.

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