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Fuel Additives

JD Industrial Supply carries a complete line of diesel and gasoline fuel additives formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of the fuel in motor vehicles. The use of fuel additives has been shown to extend engine and component life, increase fuel economy and improve overall engine efficiency and performance. Schaeffer's current line of fuel additives has been developed to satisfy the needs of drivers and operators in a variety of industries, including over-the-road trucking, agriculture, construction, mining and competitive racing. Schaeffer products are formulated with additives for both summer and winter conditions, as well as environmentally-friendly soy-based products and conditioner products designed to protect large fuel supplies during storage. In addition to that, Archoil offers a range of formulations that address lubrication and fuel-related challenges present in modern diesel vehicles. Their solid boundary lubricants incorporate the latest developments in nanotechnology to provide superior protection and lubrication in automotive, transportation, agricultural, marine and motorsport applications.