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(14 oz. Spray Can)

Schaeffer Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube
(14 oz. Spray Can)

Item Number: M-319-1C
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Schaeffer Moly Boom Lube is a high viscocity, aerosol spray lubricant formulated for use on forklift booms, aerial lift rails, telescoping booms and industrial machinery with sliding metal surfaces. Designed to make your machinery run longer and with less hassle, Schaeffer Boom Lubricant contains a Micron Moly frictional modifier plus high viscosity base oils which prevent metal-to-metal contact and damaging frictional wear. This clear, lubricating formula offers long-standing, stay-in place, performance as well as rust and corrosion resistance. The thin, shear film, lubricant clings well to vertical surfaces and allows for quick and clean application.

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Schaeffer Boom Lubricant SDS

Schaeffer Boom Lubricant TDS

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