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Automatic Transmission Fluid
(1 Gallon)

Schaeffer 204 All-Trans Supreme
Automatic Transmission Fluid
(1 Gallon)

Item Number: 204ST
$57.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer 204 All-Trans Supreme is a full synthetic, multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid that offers true multi-vehicle performance, wear protection and exceptional fluid life. Formulated with a special blend of synthetic base oils, a highly shear, stable viscosity improver and a multi-functional additive package, All Trans Supreme protects against shudder and eliminates the need to stock different types of automatic transmission fluids and ATF supplements. Recommended for use in virtually all types of automatic transmissions that specify the use of Dexron-III, Mercon, and Mercon V, and Chrysler ATF +3 and +4 type fluids, Schaeffer's 204 transmission fluid provides the proper friction retention and stability needed for long life performance, smooth lock-ups, wear protection and anti-shudder durability required by a wide variety of vehicles. Additional performance benefits include excellent seal and material compatibility to maintain seal integrity and prevent leaks, less brake chatter and quieter shifting, superior oxidation and thermal stability, plus reduced operating temperatures.

Schaeffer 204 All-Trans Supreme SDS

Schaeffer 204 All-Trans Supreme TDS

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