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Schaeffer 202 Moly 5th Wheel Lube

Item Number: 0202
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Schaeffer 5th Wheel Lube is a semi-synthetic, diluent-type, extreme pressure spray lubricant recommended for the lubrication of 5th wheels. A 5th wheel aerosol grease designed to provide superior protection and extend the life of your machinery, Moly 5th Wheel effectively resists friction wear and corrosion. Fortified with molybdenum, Schaeffer 202 Moly forms an almost indestructible adhesive film with a "cushioning effect" under extreme pressure. In addition, the molybdenum disulfide has a load carrying ability in excess of 500,000 pounds per square inch. Resistant to rain, snow and the process of water washout, this 5th wheel lube, will not harden, chip, flake off or form hard pack buildup.

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Schaeffer Moly 5th Wheel Lube SDS

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