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2000 Grease EP (NLGI #2 Grade)

Schaeffer #248 Moly Syngard
2000 Grease EP (NLGI #2 Grade)

Item Number: 0248
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Schaeffer #248 (NLGI #2) Moly Syngard EP is an extreme pressure grease that performs exceptionally well in hot, wet, or heavily loaded applications where operating temperatures are above 350° F. Compounded from the finest high viscosity, solvent refined, severely hydro-finished, 100% paraffin base stocks available, Moly Syngard 2000 Grease quickly plates to metal surfaces, creating a fine but durable lubricant film that lasts longer than conventional greases. Formulated for use in all types of heavy-duty construction, mining, farming and industrial equipment, this extreme pressure grease boasts excellent rust and oxidation inhibiting characteristics, water resistance, shear and thermal stability, cohesive and adhesive properties. As a result, this versatile grease resists breaking down and will not wash out, pound out, splatter or squeeze out even under the heaviest loads or vibrations.

* Moly SyngardÔ 2000 EP #2 has an operating temperature of 0 F to 600 F.

Schaeffer 248 Moly Syngard 2000 SDS

Schaeffer 248 Moly Syngard 2000 TDS

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