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Extreme Duty Tire Sealant

#743 SchaefferSeal (5 Gallon)
Extreme Duty Tire Sealant

Item Number: 0743
$429.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
SchaefferSeal #743 is an extreme duty tire sealant that prevents flat tires with a permanent seal. SchaefferSeal, a self-healing inner tube that can easily be installed through the valve stem of any air filled tire, coats the entire inner liner, wheel and bead area of the tire. Manufactured to seal 1/4" diameter punctures in tread area and up to 3/4" punctures in heavy ply tires, #743 reduces premature tread wear caused by under inflation by as much as 52%. This extreme duty tire sealant maximizes and extends tire life by maintaining proper air pressure in tires, while also reducing fuel costs. Properly inflated tires permit the correct amount of tread area to be in contact with the surface which reduces excessive tire flexing that can lead to tire fatigue. Effective for the entire life of the tire, SchaefferSeal reduces the risk of tire blowouts and is effective in temperatures as low as -40° F.

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