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Schaeffer #278 Polyurea Grease (NLGI #2)

Item Number: 0278
$9.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Schaeffer #278 Polyurea Grease is a high-temperature, multi-purpose grease formulated with high-quality base oil, and an ashless, organic polyuria thickener. Designed to provide the severe lubrication requirement of plain and rolling element bearings in long service applications such as electric motor bearing, sealed for life bearing, high temperature pump bearing and automotive constant velocity joint applications. Coupled with rust and oxidation inhibitors and an exteme pressure additive system that is non-corrosive to yellow metals, Schaeffer Polyurea Grease offers excellent high temperature performance, high load-carrying capacity, low noise properties and very good resistance to water washout and spray-off.

Schaeffer 278 Polyurea Grease SDS

Schaeffer 278 Polyurea GreaseTDS

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