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TruShot 2.0 Trigger Spray Dispenser

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TruShot 2.0 Trigger Dispenser is a durable spray bottle for use with TruShot 10.1 oz cartridge concentrates. This rugged dispenser will withstand repeated 6 ft. drops, and the trigger has been tested to last up to 250,000 pulls. The on-board water reservoir holds 10 fl. oz. and lasts 300 trigger pulls before refilling. Portable, lightweight, and comfortable.

The no-spill, 10-oz. concentrate cartridges snap directly into the trigger dispenser and the pre-labeled cartridges help you comply with OSHA requirements.

ユ Deliver effective chemistries at optimized dilutions
ユ Metering technology built into the cartridge
ユ 1 trigger is all you need

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