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Light-Duty Hand Wash
(1000 ml Bottle)

Greven Revitalize Foam
Light-Duty Hand Wash
(1000 ml Bottle)

Item Number: 13829-006
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Greven Revitalize Fresh Foam is the perfect everyday hand wash formulated with advanced conditioners to insure clean and smooth skin, with a light, fresh fragrance. Perfect for light duty use in office, school, college, university, healthcare facility and retail location restrooms, Revitalize boasts up to 2,500 hand washings per container. Value-priced and environmentally friendly, Revitalize Foam Soap features a new valve with every container and will not clog or leak. Easy to mount and easy to load, this product is 100% biodegradable and is manufactured in high impact, durable plastic that can be easily recycled.

*ADA compliant

For Use With Greven Revitalize Foam Dispenser #1419821. Available in Black and White.
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