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Scru-Seal Clamping System

Band-It M21899
Scru-Seal Clamping System

Item Number: M21899
$34.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Band-It M21899 Scru-Seal Clamping is a rack and pinion system used in conjunction with Band-It Valu-Strap Band to create a clamp of any size. Manufactured from stainless steel that offers very good resistance to mild atmosphere, fresh water, and UV rays, an adjustable worm drive, screwdriver clamp can be made with any band cutter and a screw driver. Each clamp pak includes: 3 Scru-Seal racks, 3 housings, and Valu-Strap Band 3/8" x 0.015" x 10' and can be retensioned at any time.