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Refillable Master Blend Cans
(Case of 12)

Omni-Pak EZ Touch (DV16)
Refillable Master Blend Cans
(Case of 12)

Item Number: B45116
$64.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
OMNI-PAK MasterBlend EZ Touch (DV16) refillable aerosol cans are designed for use with solvent-based paints, including enamels, lacquers, vinyls and acrylics. These cans contain reducing solvents and propellant with proper space remaining for the addition of paint, creating the ultimate finished aerosol. *Please note, these cans DO NOT contain paint. To fill these cans, you must have access to an Omni-Pak Filling Machine or a supplier of paint who can fill your cans. Although most products will custom-fill without reduction, lacquers should be reduced 5 parts lacquer to 1 part lacquer reducer for optimum atomization.

OMNI-FILL is a very efficient means of providing instant custom color matches in convenient aerosol cans. Select an Omni-Pak aerosol base and inject your custom color into the can, utilizing an Omni-Fill aerosol filling system.

Case of 12 cans (16 oz. each)

Omni Manual

Omni-Fill MasterBlend Cans SDS