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Black Permanent Paint Markers
(Box of 12)

Dykem Brite-Mark Medium Tip
Black Permanent Paint Markers
(Box of 12)

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Dykem Brite-Mark, Medium-Tip, Paint Markers are designed to withstand indoor and outdoor conditions without fading, chipping or losing their opacity. Ideal for creating clear, bold markings on virtually any surface, these general-purpose, permanent markers feature replaceable bullet tips to ensure complete use of paint in each marker. Engineered with a valve actuated mechanism to prevent paint inside the barrel from drying out when the cap is left off, Brite-Mark Paint Pens can be used to permanently identify inventory, assemblies, tools, finished products or work-in-progress while resisting most work-related abuses or compounds. Try this xylene-free formula on metal, rubber, plastic, glass, concrete, leather, stone, wood, or vinyl for permanent, bright marks that dry in just 25-35 seconds!

Color: Black

Brite-Mark Paint Markers SDS

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