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Liquid Paint Markers

Markal Paint-Riter Oily Surface (Box of 12)
Liquid Paint Markers

Item Number: 96961
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Markal Paint-Riter Oily Surface ( Formally Markal ProLine HP) liquid paint markers are specially formulated for use on oily and greasy surfaces. Boasting superior marking performance, ProLine HP markers dry quickly and reduce spreading, penetrating through oily surfaces to leave precise, permanent marks. Xylene-free ProLine Markers feature a durable nib and metal barrel that helps reduce breakage for longer marking life, as well as an easy-to-grip clip-cap for convenient pocket storage. With a marking range of -50° F to 150° F, these liquid paint markers are ideal for use on a multitude of surfaces including aluminum, plastic, steel, iron, pipes, tubes, rubber and tires. Made in the U.S.A.

Suggest Industry Uses:
- Oil and Gas
- Construction
- Metal Fabrication
- Industrial Manufacturing
- Steel Mills and Warehouses
- Aviation and Aerospace
- Automotive and Other Transportation

Markal ProLine HP Markers SDS

Markal ProLine HP Markers TDS