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For Highly Adhesive Dirt & Paint

Greven Active Ultra AB (2 Liter)
For Highly Adhesive Dirt & Paint

Item Number: 12668029
$28.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Value Priced, Peter Greven Active Ultra AB (Anti-Bond), is a heavy duty industrial strength hand cleaner specially formulated to remove paint, grease, ink, and stubborn adhesives. In just a single wash, Active Ultra rids your hands of most industrial contaminants without damaging your skin. Ideal for working hands in the paint and body repair, automotive, window replacement, printing and petroleum industries, Peter Greven Skin Care Products contain only the highest quality ingredients with eco friendly packaging to protect not only you, but the environment as well. Microbead, petroleum and solvent-free, this heavy-duty hand cleaner uses a combination of detergent blend, natural olive core scrubbers and conditioners that release stubborn dirt bonded to skin, while helping to maintain balanced pH levels. Second to none in cleaning performance and effectiveness, Active Ultra AB outlasts competitive products by as much as 2-to-1, resulting in savings up to 40%.

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