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(48 oz. Can)

Alvin Lab Metal Repair Putty
(48 oz. Can)

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Alvin Lab Metal, 48 oz. can, is a aluminum-filled repair paste for patching metal and non-metal items. Developed as an economical, convenient way to repair, refurbish, seal, coat and repair equipment, machinery, vehicles and industrial products, Lab Metal fixes and protects virtually any worn or damaged surface. This ready-to-use repair and patching compound spreads like paste and hardens quickly into metal through exposure to air. With no two-component mixing required, waste is eliminated in addition to the need for heat or special tools. Simply apply Lab Metal directly from the can with a putty knife or similar tool and sand, file, mill, chisel, drill, saw, tap or machine, once hardened. Lab Metal can withstand temperatures as high as 350° F and when hard, can be painted with lacquer or enamel without danger of bubbling, lifting paint, chipping or peeling. For powder coating applications, regular Lab Metal may be used for single exposures less than 20 minutes and not exceeding temperatures of 425° F. Unaffected by mild acids, gasoline, oil or petroleum solvents, this metal repair epoxy, is perfect for welders, fabricators, body shops, machine shops, chrome platers, foundries, blacksmiths, plants, factories and plumbing and heating professionals.

For higher temperature conditions, or multiple oven passes, try Alvin High Temperature Lab Metal!

*Attention California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Shelf life: Two years in factory-sealed can. For extended storage, add Lab-solvent as instructed. Store in a cool place.

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