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(12 oz. Can)

Alvin Lab Metal Repair Putty
(12 oz. Can)

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Alvin Lab Metal, 12 oz. can, is an easy-to-use metal repair putty, dent filler and patching compound. This aluminum filled, one-part repair putty fills dents and flaws in metal and nonmetal parts without the need for heat or special tools. Simply apply with a putty knife or similar tool, directly from the can, for fast, permanent repairs! Lab Metal adheres well to virtually any clean and dry surface including metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, plaster or porcelain and can withstand vibration and other difficult conditions. Developed as an economic and convenient way to repair, refurbish, seal, coat and protect equipment, machinery, vehicles and industrial products, this metal repair putty may be thinned with Alvin Lab-Solvent and brushed onto the application for a rustproof, water resistant, hard metal finish. Once hardened, Lab Metal can be machined, chiseled, sawed, drilled, filed or sanded and is not affected by mild acids, gasoline, oil or petroleum solvents.

*Attention California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Lab Metal is formulated to withstand temperatures as high as 350° F, but may be used for powder coating, in one-time exposures of less than 20 minutes for temperatures up to 425° F.

Shelf life: Two years in factory-sealed can. For extended storage, add Lab-solvent as instructed. Store in a cool place.

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