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Metal Repair Putty (14 oz. Can)

Alvin Hi Temp Lab Metal
Metal Repair Putty (14 oz. Can)

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Alvin High Temp Lab Metal, 14 oz. can, is a metal repair and patching compound formulated to withstand temperatures as high as 1,000° F. Ideal for a multitude of metal repairs including duct work, radiators, foundry core boxes, mufflers, engines, exhaust systems, industrial ovens, grill houses, molds for plastic, or dented and damaged metal. Unaffected by varying climatic conditions, High Temp Lab Metal adheres permanently to most clean and dry metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, plaster or porcelain surface, withstanding vibration and other difficult conditions. This one-part, high temperature epoxy may be applied with a putty knife, spatula, trowel, caulking gun or rubber squeegee. Stir thoroughly before use. Depth of application determines drying time, as hardening occurs as the diluent evaporates.

Permanent repair compound - withstands 1000 F

*Attention California Residents - Proposition 65 Warning

Shelf Life: Hi-Temp Lab-metal is guaranteed for one year in the factory-sealed can. Add Lab Solvent (as instructed) to extend storage time. Once reopened, the contents should be thoroughly stirred. Store in a cool place. Alvin Products recommends testing the product for each application. Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet prior to use.


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