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Anti-Spatter Spray For Welding

Vibra-Tite TD-97 Thermal Defender
Anti-Spatter Spray For Welding

Item Number: 970
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Vibra-Tite TD-7 Thermal Defender is a dry film ceramic coating that is used to protect parts from metal weld spatter. Spatter build-up inside nozzles and tips restricts inert gas flow, causing porous welds. Thermal Defender coatings greatly reduce maintenance and increase productivity by allowing the inert gas to flow freely. This fast drying spray dries in under one minute and is ready for immediate use. Common applications of TD-97 include MIG and MAG welding, laser and plasma cutting, cables, sensors, work pieces, shrouds, jig, fixtures, nozzles, tips, cabling, or vitually any surface that could be damaged by weld spatter.

Vibra-Tite TD-97 Thermal Defender SDS