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Welding Pencils (12 Pack)

Markal 96100 Red Riter
Welding Pencils (12 Pack)

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Markal 96100 Red Riter Welders Pencils are the perfect choice for marking aluminum and other bright metals, boasting reflective lead that illuminates when cutting or welding for improved visibility. An excellent alternative to soapstone, Red Riter Welders Pencils will not burn, rub or blow off. In addition, these high-strength, hex-shaped pencils reduce barrel roll unlike competitive brands and will not scratch or abrade metal surfaces. Ideal for fine line marking during metal layout and fabrication.

Made in the U.S.A

12 Per Pack

Industry Uses: Welding, Metal Fabrication, Ship Building and Repair, Bridge Fabrication and Construction.

Writing Instrument Safety Information:

USA: This product is not a hazardous material as defined by 29 CFR1910.1200, OSHA Hazard Communication Evaluation. This product meets the definition of an モarticleヤ.

Canada: This is not a controlled product under WHMIS. This product meets the definition of a モmanufactured articleヤ and is not subject to the regulations of the Hazardous Products Act.

European Communities (EC): This product is not classified as dangerous according to Directive 1999/45/EC and its amendments.

*This product is Pencil Makers Association (PMA) certified non-toxic and has had materials submitted for review according to the safety standards established for the Certification Program. This includes the review of cores, slats, ferrules, erasers and lacquers to make sure they contain only non-toxic substances.