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Welders Pencil & Holder

Markal Pro Line
Welders Pencil & Holder

Item Number: 96270
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Markal Pro Line Welders Pencil features an extended, needle-nose tip to mark in hard-to-reach areas. Its heavy-duty metal construction is fit for the toughtes jobs in welding, construction, metal fabrication, maintenance services, lumber and timber industries. Manufactured with a built-in sharpener for precise marks and one-click advance for just the right amount of lead, the Markal Pro Mechanical Marker is easily refillable for continued applications. Excellent for use on a variety of surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, PVC, tile, ceramic, glass, concrete, paper, steel, and iron. Pro Holder and Graphite Starter lead included.

*Works with all Markal Pro refills.