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Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner
(2000 ml Bottle)

Greven Active Force MP
Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaner
(2000 ml Bottle)

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New and Improved Active Force MP! Now With All-Natural Olive Core Scrubbers!

Greven Active Force MP is an extra heavy-duty industrial hand cleaner formulated with olive core scrubbers to effectively remove stubborn grease, grime, ink and other intense dirt. Free of petroleum solvents and other harmful ingredients, Active Force MP contains high quality ingredients that are designed to work in combination to quickly and completely remove stubborn dirt in a single wash. MP conditioners help restore basic oils to the skin when used regularly, preventing workplace dermatitis and supporting overall skin health. Lower in cost than many of the market's leading products, Active Force MP has been proven to outlast its competitors by as much as 2-to-1, with up to 1,000 hand washes per 2000 ml bottle. Manufactured in 100% recyclable packaging, this heavy duty hand cleaner is ideal for mechanics, metal, machine shop and foundry workers, as well as printers and carbon black plant employees.

Micro Bead Free!

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