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96821 Xylene Free Yellow (12/Box)

Markal Valve Action Paint Markers
96821 Xylene Free Yellow (12/Box)

Item Number: 96821
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Markal Valve Action Paint Markers provide fast-drying, long-lasting marks for improved mark identification, quality control, and parts inspection. Formulated with xylene-free paint, these yellow paint markers feature a Dura-Nib medium bullet tip, durable metal barrel and clip-cap for easy pocket storage. Safe for use on plastic, glass, pipes, tubes, rubber, tires, cloth, textiles, steel and iron, Valve Action liquid paint marks are weather resistant with a marking range of -50°F to 150°F. Ideal for use in automotive assembly, metal fabrication, welding, shipping supply, industrial manufacturing, aviation and aerospace.

* Reduces user health risks and eliminates California Proposition 65, EPA HAPS and SARA 313 concerns in the U.S.A.

Color: Yellow
Sold Per Box of 12

Valve Action Paint Marker SDS