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Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Sprayon LU711 (S00711)
Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Item Number: LU711
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Sprayon LU711 (S00711) Multi-Purpose Lubricant provides maximum moisture displacement and protects metal parts against rust and corrosion. Formulated from a transparent blend of high-quality petroleum distillates specially designed to ensure maximum moisture displacement, it's film resists the collection of abrasive particles on delicate contacts and connectors. Unmatched in its versatility and quality, this general maintenance penetrant exhibits exceptional "spreadability" making it the ideal solution for freeing corroded parts and mechanisms. Safe to use on all metal surfaces, operating controls, electrical wiring, ignition systems, circuitry, connectors, nuts and bolts. LU 711 is silicone-free and will not affect or harm plastic, rubber, fabrics or painted surfaces. Equipped with an extension tube for hard-to-reach places.

Size: 11 oz. Aerosol

*Meets performance requirements of MILC-23411 and Naval Ordinance Systems Weapons Spec WS-14138.

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Sprayon LU711 SDS

Sprayon LU711 TDS