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Saw Blade & Bit Lubricant

Bostik BladeCote (DriCote)
Saw Blade & Bit Lubricant

Item Number: V204801
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BOSTIK BladeCote, the new name for Bostik DriCote, helps achieve cleaner, truer cuts from any blade or bits. The perfect lubricant for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential uses, Bladecote forms a clear, tough, micro-thin coating that greatly reduces friction, resin and pitch buildup, while extending the overall blade life by up to 3 times. This blade and bit lubricant reduces friction and heat and contains no petroleum oils or silicone. Recommended for use on router and drill bits, saw blades, knives, chisels, shaper cutters, planer blades, chains, gears, pulleys, and sliding glass door tracks. Bladecote dries in seconds and will not stain wood or effect glues or finishes.

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10.1 oz. can

Bostik Bladecote SDS

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