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Outdoor Metal Protectant
(Mil C 16173 Grade 2)

Sprayon LU777 (S00777)
Outdoor Metal Protectant
(Mil C 16173 Grade 2)

Item Number: LU777
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Sprayon LU777 Outdoor Metal Protectant is a corrosion preventative compound that offers excellent lubrication and more than 2,000 hours salt spray protection. Waxy and somewhat tacky, LU777 works on all metals, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces and is ideal for general rust proofing of vehicles. An excellent barrier in high humidity environments, this rust and corrosion inhibitor spray displaces moisture and boasts 24 month durability. Meets MIL-C-16173D-Grade 2 specifications.

Recommended Uses: Railroad equipment, sheet steel, weapons, dies, oil field equipment, castings, locks, molds, tools, aircraft parts, threads, machine tools, gears, hinges, military equipment, industrial parts and machines

Sprayon LU777 SDS

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