BAND-IT C07569
Bantam Ratchet Tool

Item Number: C07569
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The BAND-IT C07569, Bantam Tool is a compact, lightweight, ratchet tool with built-in cutter. Useful in areas with minimal access, the C07569 is zinc plated for corrosion resistance and designed for easy loading and removal of material. The Bantam Tool's 3-way handle adjusts for one or two-handed tensioning and can be be used with coated and uncoated BAND-IT ties or Coated Band from 1/4" - 3/4" wide and 0.15" - .30" thick.

For Use With:

- BAND-IT Ties
- PPA Coated Band
- Ball-Lok Ties
- Ball-Lokt Ties

Bantam Hand Tool Instructions