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VC-5 Threadlocker

Vibra-Tite 218 (30ml)
VC-5 Threadlocker

Item Number: 218
$59.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Vibra-Tite VC-5 liquid threadlocker is an acrylic polymer that maintains its flexibility while absorbing vibration, which in turn prevents fasteners from loosening. Containing a base solvent of Methyl Propyl Ketone, fasteners coated with VC-5 are easily adjusted and removed using steady pressure and standard hand tools. Fresh and salt water resistant, VC-5 resists leakage by acting as a dam between mated threads both above and below the waterline. Dry to the touch within seconds of application, Vibra-Tite 218 threadmate adheres to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, most platings, wood, and some plastic screws.

Vibra-Tite 218 SDS

Vibra-Tite 218 TDS