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High Strength Retaining Compound

ND Vibra Tite 54250 (50 ML)
High Strength Retaining Compound

Item Number: 54250
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1 - 5 Bottles$59.99 ea.
6 + Bottles$49.99 ea.
ND Industries Vibra Tite 542 is a single part, high viscosity retaining compound that can be used effectively to increase the strength of most mechanical assemblies. This high strength, anaerobic resin can be used in a wide variety of applications, but is not recommended for extremely close or interference fits. Vibra Tite High Strength Retaining Compound locks bushings and sleeves in housings and on shafts, bonds rotor to shaft in low horsepower motors, eliminates backlash in worn assemblies, locks keys and splines, and restores the fit to worn assemblies or out-of-tolerance parts. For large gaps, use of Vibra Tite primer is recommended to ensure a fast, full cure.

Please note: The high strength of this material may require heat to disassemble. Product conforms to MIL-R-46082, ASTM D-5363.

Compare to Loctite 63531

Made In Michigan

Vibra Tite 542 SDS

Vibra Tite 542 TDS