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Skin Protection Cream

Travabon Classic 100ml
Skin Protection Cream

Item Number: TVC100ML
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Travabon Classic is a barrier cream that forms a robust, highly resistant physical protective layer on the skin, preventing heavy, oil-based contaminants from penetrating deeply into hands and arms. Formulated with a special blend of surfactants in the protective layer that are activated by pre-rinsing hands with clean water, Travabon industrial barrier cream enables easy removal of oily, water insoluble substances and water immiscible metal-working oils, necessitating the use of only a light cleanser to remove any remaining soil. Used frequently, this protectant can substantially reduce the amount of heavy-duty hand cleaners needed to remove stubborn ingrained dirt.

100ml Tube

Directions for Use:

ユ Apply to clean and dry skin before starting work, after washing hands and after lengthy breaks.

ユ Rub small amount of product on areas of skin at risk, including between the fingers and on the fingernails.

ユ After work: Dirt should first of all be loosened using a little bit of water prior to actual cleaning, then be thoroughly rinsed under running water.

Travabon Classic TDS

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