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Marine Grade Adhesive and Sealant

Bostik 920 (10.1 oz. Cartridge)
Marine Grade Adhesive and Sealant

Item Number: A12623
$12.49Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
Bostik Marine Grade 920 is a one-part, paintable, gun-grade urethane adhesive/sealant that adheres well to all woods, metal, FRP, and most plastics. Recommended for any marine application above or below the water line where a quality elastomeric seal is required, Bostik 920 moisture cures to an extremely tough, resilient seal that exhibits excellent tear and abrasion resistance while retaining permanent elastomeric properties. Suitable for sealing hardware around windows and doors, deck to hull assembly, hull seams, keel joints and under moldings, Bostik 920 offers a tool/work life of 70 minutes and a curing time of 3-6 days. Cured sealant can be removed with a sharp blade, but doing so may cause alterations or damage to the surface on which the sealant was applied.

Bostik 920 SDS

Bostik 920 TDS