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100% High Temp RTV Silicone

ASI 600 (American Sealants Inc.)
100% High Temp RTV Silicone

Item Number: ASI600
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ASI 600, by American Sealants Inc., is a 100% RTV silicone sealant formulated to be used where operating temperatures up to 310° C (600° F) are reached intermittently. This high temp silicone bonds to a variety of substrates including aluminum, glass, metal, steel, PVC, ceramics, granite, marble, and most woods and plastics making it an ideal choice for a plethora of commercial, industrial and construction applications where heat resistance is required. Boasting excellent tensile strength and versatility, this high temperature RTV meets a wide variety of building standards and features a tack-free time of 10-20 minutes. Solvent and isocyanate-free, this VOC Compliant silicone sealant offers excellent adhesion and high performance. Ready to use, this one-part, moisture curing silicone meets and exceeds TT-S-001543A (Silicone Building Sealants), TT-S-00230C (One Component Building Sealant) and ASTM C-920-86.

* American Sealant, Inc., has on file documentation from the USDA that states ASI 600 sealants are chemically acceptable for use on structural surfaces in official establishments operating under the Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection Program. The final granting of authorization for the proposed use of such compounds is the responsibility of the inspector in charge of the official plant. Technical assistance will be provided by the Product Safety Branch of the USDA upon request.

Size: 10.1 oz. Cartridge (24 per case)