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Two Part Epoxy Adhesive

Bostik 7575 Clear (2 oz.)
Two Part Epoxy Adhesive

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Bostik 7575 industrial epoxy adhesive is a medium viscosity, multipurpose, two part epoxy that cures at room temperature. Bostikᆴ 7575 has a five to seven minute working time and develops full cure in one to three hours. Unlike conventional 5-minute epoxies, Bostikᆴ 7575 is designed for structural bonding applications requiring a fast curing epoxy with low shrinkage, good shock resistance and excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Bostikᆴ 7575 has a unique formulation which allows it to tolerate moist or damp surfaces while bonding. It is ideal for forming tough, structural bonds to metals, phenolic plastics, polyesters, glass, FRP's, hard boards, wood, ceramics, rubber and masonry materials. An excellent electric insulator, Bostikᆴ 7575 provides superior resistance to vapors, gases, water, galvanic action, petroleum fuels and salt solution. It is excellent choice for a variety of applications including potting, sealing electrical apparatus and for quick repairs.

Size: 2 oz.
Color: Clear
Maximum Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacture

Bostik 7575 Epoxy SDS

Bostik 7575 Epoxy TDS