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Solopol 83187

Item Number: 83187
$18.99Buy 12+ for: $105.99 each
1 - 11 Bottles$18.99 ea.
12 + Bottles$17.99 ea.

Solopol 83187

For medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt


The natural scrubber in Solopol is made from walnut shell powder that provides strong cleansing power without harming your skin or the environment. We recommend this soap for individuals who have sensitive skin but require a tough hand cleaner. Most of our competitors use plastic as their hand cleaning pumice (scrubbing particles). The walnut shell powder (scrubbing particles) is tougher on dirt but softer on your hands.


Solopol 83187 Safety Data Sheet

* Please note that due to the recent purchase of Stoko Skin Care by Deb Group Ltd., the Solopol Classic 2-liter will eventually be taking the place of the Solopol 83187. The Solopol Classic 2-liter offers the same sized product, at the same great price, but is only compatible with the Heavy Duty 2L Dispenser. Although the time frame for this transition is unknown at this time, we are providing the updated product links for your future purchases and convenience:
Heavy Duty 2L Dispenser.
Solopol Classic 2 Liter.